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commas and ampersands

9 April 1982
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I'm a multi-disciplinary artist, influenced by my collaborations across the board, drawn to theatrical producing by a desire to provide a space for other artists to work. Inspired by faith-based theatre, digging deeper into the intersection of Christianity and art. I'm a student, both in the "I'm going to school" sense and in the "I'm constantly learning" sense. As for the "I'm going to school" part--I'll finish in December, 2009, and then it's onwards from there!

I'm defined by my relationships: to God first, to Colin as a close second, and to everyone else in my life as a collective third. I'm a child of God, beloved of the King. I'm a not-yet-wife growing my relationship with my man into the strongest, most God-honoring thing that either of us has ever done or been, seeking to follow Him every single step of the way and learning a great deal about ourselves as we go. To the rest of the world, I'm a daughter, sister, friend, niece, cousin, godmother, colleague, fellow student, co-worker, acquaintance, and so on.

I love the Oxford comma, ice cream, McDonald's fries, sunshine, road trips, and high heels.