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New and shiny

It's up! It's up!

www.AlidaAnderson.net is officially up and running, and I think that most of the bugs have been worked out, although I'm sure I'll find some little things along the way.

There's a blog over there, which will be for more professional things, although I'll probably cross-post a lot of it here, too. In fact, the first 10 entries or so are all things that I've pulled from this blog, and I need to keep going through the archives to see if there's anything else that can go up there.

Having said that, there's a new post that's just over there for now. There's also a link to my LinkedIn profile, so if you want to connect with me there, too, feel free.

And, as always, input and feedback is appreciated. :)
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Early packing = good organization

I have a BBQ with the Coffeehouse committee this afternoon, and I don't really want to go. I have to, though; I'm leading the meeting portion of the afternoon. Sigh. I have so much to get done this week. Makes me glad that I got a majority of my packing done last week, since my schedule was somehow lighter.

Really, I only have two major things left: Portfolio Review on Monday, and my Independent Study documentation, due next Tuesday. I'm on the planning committee for Portfolio Review, so I have things to take care of with that, and then I have to put together my own portfolio. I've been mostly concentrating on my website, which is just about ready to go, so that's fine, but I need to put together a powerpoint version of my resume/portfolio/profile. I'll have some binders out (how exciting; you can see how I organize my binder!), and I'll put out posters and programs, but my primary focus is getting something together that I can distribute (a website) and that represents the shows I've done.

It's hard for producers to do this kind of review, because we don't have the physical work to show. Designers can set up a model or a mannequin, and their work can be presented in its own right. A stage manager or production manager's binder says a lot about their work, and while it may not be as pretty or as interesting as a designer's table, to the right person, it speaks volumes.

My portfolio, though, depends on other people's work. If you take a look at my online portfolio, you'll see that it's comprised of a lot of things that other people have done. Other directors' stagings. Other actors onstage. Other designers' designs. Other graphic designers' posters.

However, all of that is important to convey the scope of the shows and the style of work that I do. I need to present all of that (with credit, of course) so that people can see that the Passion Play, which I production managed, involved over 100 cast, was seen by 10,000 audience members, and had a several-acre stage. I need to show what the shows at CalArts look like, what kind of aesthetic was developed. And, in a way, that's best seen on a screen. I'm not trying to appropriate anyone else's work as my own, and I'm not trying to show their models or the specific details of their work. I'm explaining my place in the big picture, and the big picture involves a lot of people's work.

So, all that to say that it works best as a digital portfolio, and I have to make a powerpoint presentation to have looping at my station all day.

And then... thesis work. Mostly it's just making sure that all the documentation of what I've done this semester is up-to-date. I need to make sure the company database has all the information I currently have in it, and I need to finish a summary of all the reading I've been doing this semester. Oh, and interview questions. I need to at least draft some questions that I want to use when I'm doing interviews this summer.

And, of course, there's all kinds of little stuff; the flotsam and jetsam of the end of the year. Signatures that I have to track down, paperwork to submit, grant money to spend, receipts to submit, things to get ready for fall, all-school cleanup on Tuesday, work (at both jobs), internship details to hammer out, a second summer job to line up, etc, etc, etc.

Not to mention the five or so blog entries that are running around my head, threatening to disappear and be forgotten if I don't write them really, really soon.

Yeah, I'm really glad I did that packing last week.
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Ugh. Packing.

It's amazing how indecisive I become when faced with the fact that I have to decide what I'll need in the next three weeks and pack the rest. Am I going to need those hair products, or can I start packing up my bathroom now? Which jeans will I be in the mood to wear, and what shoes will go with them?

Then, of course, there's the process of deciding what I'll need in the next year and packing it separately from the things I don't need to access before at least next year.

And finally, there's the division of things that I'll need to have access to over the summer and things that I'll need in the fall (or potentially things that I'll need after December but before... whenever it is that I unpack everything else, which is still an unknown date) but can stay packed for the next four months.

Everything that can go in the trailer for the next while is packed in boxes sealed with yellow tape. Everything that needs to go into a house is in boxes sealed with blue tape. The blue tape boxes will be opened in waves, since I won't need them all at the same time, but I do need them all to be accessible.

Sigh. No wonder I'm tired.

But the U-Haul is booked (and I'm still grumbling at the fact that it's 3 times more expensive for a one-way move from here to Calgary than it is from Calgary to here) and I've got 13 packed boxes stacked in the living room, so... I'm on my way? I guess.

Mariah's out of town for the week, and by the time she gets back, she'll come back to an apartment full of boxes. Poor girl.

Side note: This is why I tend to procrastinate packing. Once you start, the house is never clean. There's just no way to tidy up and have the place look nice when there are boxes (and half-packed boxes, and stacks of stuff to go into boxes) everywhere.


I was looking for someplace with free wi-fi that's open 24 hours. None of the Starbucks in the area are, but I'm wondering if Denny's has wi-fi. It's attached to a Best Western; maybe it has hotel wireless, even if the restaurant itself doesn't. It's not that I need it to be working all night, but the Starbucks that close at 11:30 or 12 aren't open quite late enough. Tonight, I ended up at a Starbucks that was open until 11:30 (after getting there at about 9:45), and then came home to keep working here, but sometimes a change of scenery is nice.
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(no subject)

This online quiz? Is crazy-hard. How many countries can you name in 5 minutes? I think my highest score so far is 83 (out of 270). Every time the list of countries I forgot comes up, I have a moment of, "Of course I know that's a country! How did I forget it?!" but it's hard to think through them all that quickly, even trying to go geographically. Or alphabetically. Plus, there are a lot of islands and territories that are technically their own countries that I didn't even know about.

So. How well do you know the world?
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Coming back

Well, I'm back. My little blog-cation has served its purpose, and it's time to re-enter the world of the communicative. It's been a full few weeks, with Esther's visit, more hours at work, the semester gearing up to the end and winding down at the same time, and the various and sundry day-to-day things that happen.

There were a thousand little things that I thought of to write about while I was away from lj-land (at least, away from the posting side; I kept up with everyone else's journals), but, of course, I didn't write them down, so they're lost in the netherworld of the space in between my brain and my keyboard, never to be recovered. Most of them. Some of the ideas will likely resurface at some point--I find that I mull over certain entries for quite some time before writing them--but many of the trivial, fleeting ideas are gone.

That's okay, though. Not everything that passes through my head needs to find a voice on the internet.

So, what's new? Well, my laptop's keyboard is pink now. I have pictures of my own computer, but they're still on my camera, so in the meantime, you can look at that and envision. My favorite is that the backspace key is now a magic wand. The stickers are removable, so the fun won't last forever, but in the meantime, it's very exciting. ;o)

Mariah and I are discussing our options for our apartment, the summer, and the fall. We need to come to a decision in the next few days, and suffice to say, I may be having to make different arrangements than I'd originally planned for.

I leave for a weekend in Calgary tomorrow morning. I'll get to see the show that Colin composed the orchestrations for (and which numerous other people that I know are in, but that's all kind of secondary for me). I'm ridiculously proud of him, and having heard the various pieces in their electronic incarnations as demos, I'm excited to hear them as done by real instruments played by real instrumentalists. It's the biggest project he's ever done, and he's certainly put the work into it and should be very, very proud of what he's done. I know I am. :)

We'll have the usual kind of holiday weekend. Colin has both Friday and Monday off work, which is absolutely fantastic, so I don't have my usual dilemma of having time while he's at work. Usually, when that happens, I try to schedule coffee with my girlfriends, but I'm completely okay with not having time for that. We'll have Easter dinners with both our families (Saturday brunch with mine, Sunday dinner with his), two performances of the Easter show, Easter Sunday morning service, and Monday to just chill and hang out. I fly out on Tuesday, but not until early evening, so since Colin's back at work, that's when I've scheduled my meetings and things to get done. Bank meeting, internship meeting, and probably coffee with my mom (y'know, since my parents paid for this flight...).

Today--my birthday!--has been pretty normal. It's a regular Thursday, with school, work, more school, more work. The girls in the Public Affairs office made me cupcakes, but that's about it. I work tonight, and I still have some packing and cleaning to do when I get home, so it'll be a short night before I head to the airport in the morning.

I'm very excited. Since our visit last month got cut short by about 6 days, I really need this weekend.

Anyway. Hopefully there'll be lots of pictures. Lori promised to have her camera on hand. :)
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(no subject)

After living in the U.S. for a significant part of the last almost-4 years, I go back and forth between Celsius and Fahrenheit fairly easily. I can convert them in my head (rather, I know the equivalents along the way, and I ballpark from there--I don't actually do the math), although I'm fuzzy on the Fahrenheit equivalents of 0 to -40 Celsius, and I'm fuzzy on the Celsius equivalents of 90+ Fahrenheit (gee, I wonder why...). And, like learning a foreign language, I'm getting better at "thinking" in Fahrenheit, but there are still times that I have to convert it to Celsius to translate it into a sense of what the air will feel like on my body.

However, I've realized lately that, no matter who I'm talking to, I talk about Canadian temperatures in Celsius and American temperatures in Fahrenheit.

I realized it most vividly when Esther commented the other day that she wants it to be in the 30s the entire time she's visiting. I did a quick double take and then agreed with her, because, yes, I'd like it to be in the mid-80s the entire time she's visiting. The funniest part is, I have no problem instinctively saying that I would be fully happy for it to never dip below 25 all summer while I'm in Calgary, and would never think of saying that I want it to be in the high 70s for three months.

In my foreign language example, is this the equivalent to dreaming in French?
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If there's no room for you, where is there room for me?

It's the responsibility of any artist to champion the creation of art that he or she disagrees with, doesn't understand, or is offended by.

This is a theory that I've been mulling over for a while--about a year now, I guess--and I think that I can fairly confidently boil it down to that statement.

Collapse )
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More people sleeping on my couch!

Well, March is definitely my month of visitors! First Dad, then Colin, and now Esther's coming for spring break, since our breaks coincide (no, she's not a student; she's a preschool teacher). She'll get here next Tuesday and leave on Sunday, so we'll have a good number of days to hang out and do fun L.A. stuff. Like the beach and Disneyland.

My work schedule seems to be just about perfect, too. After a number of weeks with very few hours (thanks to tech and the show), I have just over 20 hours this week, and I'll probably still get in an almost-full (10 hours is my usual) work week at school, and the timing fits well with Esther's trip. I work Monday, but not Tuesday (when she flies in). Wednesday and Thursday, I'm off by 4 p.m., and I'm off Friday and Saturday. Sunday morning, she leaves really early, and then I work on Sunday evening. She'll have to entertain herself for a couple of days, but I've got lots of TV on DVD, wireless internet, and a Target within walking distance of my house.

I'm not sure yet what else we'll do. She's going to do some googling and see if there's anything that really strikes her fancy. Disneyland is a must--she's been waiting her entire life to go, and it's half the reason she's coming down. I think she's only half as excited to hang out with me as she is to go to Disneyland. :)

We'll probably go to the beach, although weather will determine whether we actually hang out on the beach or just walk the boardwalk and go shopping. Hopefully it'll be warm enough to be a combination of both, but we'll see. Today was in the low 80s; hopefully it'll be around that while she's here.

Aside from those two things, we don't really have any particular plans yet. If anyone wants to offer suggestions... well, that's what the comments are for!

(Hopefully next week is an indication of the kind of hours I'll get for the rest of the school year--without the show, I have more availability, and would really like to be getting decent hours.)

I've updated some of my tags, too. I consolidated and deleted a few redundant ones and gave some of my most-used tags new names. Now I just have to remember what the new names are when I'm tagging my entries.

I kind of feel like I'm already on spring break, just because I don't work until Saturday this week (thanks to a schedule that was tailored to Colin's intended visit) and I'm not hanging around school until midnight every night (although I will be there until sometime around 2 a.m. on Saturday night). I've been home both last night and tonight, and I'm starting to get a little bored with it already. It's nice to have the break, but I need to be productive. I've got a lot to do in terms of my thesis, and I need to use this week wisely for that kind of work, but it's been nice to take a couple of days to relax and not do much of anything that wasn't absolutely necessary.

And now, I'm going to have some ice cream and read a book before I fall asleep. Shhh. Don't tell anyone that I'm being so unproductive.
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(no subject)

Two days is never enough time, but in this case, it was definitely the best decision to shorten Colin's trip down here and make it just a weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday were long days, in the good way; Saturday night was a long night, in the "we didn't get up until 1:30 Sunday afternoon" way; and it was relaxing, especially for Colin.

Saturday, his flight got in at 11 a.m., and we just hung out for the afternoon--had lunch, went for a walk, started watching Everwood season 1 (which is going to be our next marathon, since Colin has never seen the series). We headed up to the school at around 6, and then after the show, I was there until 2 for strike. Colin was, too, but he went out to the car and fell asleep at around midnight, since he hadn't actually slept, except for a bit of dozing on the plane, since he got up at 9 on Friday morning...

... which explains why we decided to be heathens on Sunday morning and not even try to get up for church. Instead, we got up at around 1:30 and decided that we'd go for a walk to get some lunch, come back, and watch some more Everwood. And this is where the weekend gets interesting.

We left the apartment to have lunch, planning to walk there and back, about 2 miles each way. Not that far, but far enough that I didn't really want to carry my purse with me, and since Colin had his wallet and phone, I didn't take anything with me. Including the keys to the apartment. Which I realized when we were about three steps out the door, which was firmly locked behind us.

Mariah was in Vegas for the weekend, and she wasn't going to be getting home until around 10, so we called a locksmith to see how much it'd cost to get in, but decided that the $60 was more than we wanted to pay, and we'd just figure out something else to do. Colin had his car keys in his pocket, so at least we had a wallet and a set of car keys, so we could entertain ourselves for the rest of the day.

Except that it turned out that Colin didn't have his keys with him. So, we had an afternoon and evening to kill with a wallet and some decent walking shoes. Instead of walking to the restaurant we'd originally planned to go to, we went to the mall a little further away (about 3 1/2 miles), which has more sit-down restaurants and a movie theatre, and figured that we'd see a movie, and by the time that was over and we walked back home, Mariah would be getting back.

That part of the plan worked beautifully. We walked to the mall, had lunch, wandered around Borders for a while, saw Coraline, and walked home, getting back at around 10... only to find out that Mariah's flight had been delayed, and it'd be at least another couple of hours before she got home.

And, of course, I had to pee. I figured we should walk to the 24-hour grocery store, since nothing closer was open by 10:30 on a Sunday night, and wait there until Mariah got home. So, off we went, walking about a mile to the store--and when I was finished, Colin figured that we were going to just head back. I'd thought we could just wander around in the store for a while, but he didn't really want to, and I told him that as long as he was going to keep me warm (fortunately, it was a mild night, although sitting on the cement steps outside the apartment was a little chilly), that was fine.

We sat on the steps outside for a while, then decided that we wanted to go to 7-11 a few blocks away and get some supper, since it was about 11:30, and lunch had been quite a while ago. Mariah came home at around 12:15, just as we were finishing chili dogs from the Tommy's beside the 7-11. (Chili dog and hot chocolate. Nice combination, no?)

If nothing else, the day was our first really good training walk for this year's breast cancer walk... we did about 9 miles (almost 15 km) over the course of the day.

Once we got inside, we ended up watching another episode of Everwood and not going to bed until almost 3. Of course, the alarm went off at 5:30, since we had to leave for the airport by 6, but I was back home by 7:30 and in bed for a couple more hours of sleep before heading out for the rest of my day.

Now Colin is back in Calgary, likely working on music by now. He's planning to still take this week as a vacation of sorts and not go to the rehearsals that he's already planned to have covered by someone else, so he'll have enough time to really work on the show. He might go back to work on Thursday and Friday (and save those two vacation days for some other time), but that'll partly depend on how the music is coming. Even if he does, though, this is a "days" week for him, and it's always easier for him to get work done outside of work when he's on days, rather than nights.

So, like I said when we first decided to do this, it's the best decision. He got a couple of days away from the work, and we got to spend some good, uninterrupted time together for a few days. Easter weekend will be a little longer and a little busier, with a lot more people to see, but it was nice to have this interlude that was just us for a little less than 48 hours.