Alida (being_fulfilled) wrote,

LJ Idol Topic 0 - Introduction

I feel like I’m sitting in a new class, trying desperately to think of unique, creative answers to the command to "Tell us your name, your favorite color, and an interesting fact about yourself." What interesting facts haven’t I used before?

Well, we’ll start with the easy ones: My name is Alida, otherwise known as being_fulfilled. I’m going to skip the favorite color question, since that’s just ridiculous. And as for an interesting fact…

How about this: I’ve been blogging for nearly 1/3 of my life.

Wow. That makes me sound like I’m about 12 years old. I promise, I’m not. I’m much closer to 30 than I am to 20, but I’ve been blogging for almost 9 years—since the spring of 2001—which, yeah, at this point, puts it as not-quite-1/3 of my life. I started out on, then spent a couple of years on blogger before moving to livejournal about 3 years ago, and these days, I’m also spending a fair bit of time on my own website and blog, which is a bit more of my academic and professional web presence. Really, the only thing that translates to is a lot of words; some meaningful, some very mundane.

The best way to introduce myself is to tell you what’s going to change over the course of LJ Idol. How much of that change happens while I’m in the competition… well, that depends on how long I’m in the competition. Regardless, this year (summer 2009 through summer 2010) is a year of incredible change in nearly every area of my life, and some pretty significant things are happening in the next 5-6 months.

In just over two months (December 18, to be exact), I’ll finish the final semester of my MFA in Producing. Over those next two months, I’m working on my final grad project, the first draft of a book exploring the faith-based theatre community in North America (thus introducing two of my greatest passions: 1) theatre, and 2) the intersection between Christianity and the arts).

Come December 18, my boyfriend and I will officially be finished with the 2+ years of long distance that started in September, 2007, when I started grad school. We’ve had some reprieves of a few months each summer, and as many shorter visits as we can fit in, but we’ll be so glad when we’re not living in different countries anymore.

That means that around Christmastime, there will also be a move. I live in Southern California right now (just outside of L.A.), and will be moving back to Calgary when the semester’s over. Where I’ll be moving, I’m not sure yet. Likely either to my parents’ place or Colin’s parents place for a few months because...

Chances are very good that within the next few months, we’ll be getting engaged, and it looks promising that we’ll be getting married next summer, so we won’t be finding a place until then; we’ll be living temporarily with parents (most likely) in the meantime. We've started planning a lot of the wedding, even though we don’t have a date or anything yet; we're just working on the general ideas and overall aesthetic of the day right now.

Graduating and moving also means finding a job, so I'll be searching for a job in my field and (hopefully) starting a position during the course of this competition. Come January, I’ll be starting part-time at my church as the theatre arts coordinator, working as a producer and doing some long-term strategic development and vision-casting for the program, as well as overseeing the theatrical productions and the overall arts presence in the church (minus music).

I think that covers the basics (and see what I mean about a whirlwind few months?!). So, in no particular order, I am: Christian, Canadian, an artist, a producer, a theatre junkie, a girl who loves a boy, a temporary transplant to California, a student, and somewhere in the middle of one of the most defining years of my life so far. There are a few other things in there, too (reader, walker, bibliophile, movie-goer, critic of all things cultural, grammar snob), but I’ve got to keep a few surprises up my sleeve, right?

Oh, and I’ve been blogging for a really long time, but I’m not internet famous yet (nor have I started making money from my blogging, but one of these days, that'd be pretty cool).
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