Alida (being_fulfilled) wrote,

On my way

And we're off!

The trailer was packed up yesterday, and I had everything down in the car by 8:30 last night, which was great. I had the end of the evening to spend on the phone with Colin and just chill on the couch. (My bed is gone, so I slept on the couch, which is fortunately not going anywhere.)

The place looks oddly half-empty. I mean, my room is totally cleared out and the living room has half the furniture gone, but the dishwasher is still full and there's stuff in the kitchen, but not nearly as much as usual. It's odd to move out without having to do the whole "get the place to the completely clean bare bones so the landlord can inspect it" thing.

In any case, I'm hoping to make the trip in two days. We usually do it in two (a 15-hour and a 9-hour) when there are two of us driving; I'm hoping to split it more evenly and do two 14-ish-hour days on the road, giving myself lots of time for stretch breaks and so on. The upside to getting awful gas mileage while pulling the trailer is that it forces me to stop for gas about twice as often as I would on a road trip without it. We discovered that it's about 3 1/2 tanks of gas from Calgary to L.A. with no trailer, and about 6 tanks with the trailer. Icky.

So anyway... I have to stop at the U-Haul dealer to drop off the dolly, and then I'm on the road. That'll take me about 20 minutes out of my way, but I should be going for real by about 8:00.

I'll post tonight from somewhere in Idaho!
Tags: moving, road trip, travel
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