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Title? Right.

I'm supposed to be working on my thesis database, but I'd rather be doing anything but. It's not that I mind the research, because that's interesting. It's the data entry into Access that's dragging me down. I know it's the best way to keep everything straight, because otherwise, I'll never remember what belongs where, but still... I'd rather have a photographic memory and not have to document everything. ;)

Man, this Starbucks is freezing. I should really go home, where I can control the A/C.

(And now, I'm home.)

The internet here is being ridiculously slow tonight. Just sayin'.

I don't think I've mentioned it here yet, but I plowed through Chuck in the past couple of weeks. I've been busy with so much other stuff, and yet I kept going, and I watched both seasons within about a week and a half. It's one of those shows that I've now caught up to and I actually miss. I haven't felt the need to rewatch episodes or random scenes from week to week with any show for a while, but I've been doing that with this one since I finished it. Colin hasn't seen it, so I've already told him that this will be added to our "must-buy" list. He'll like it, and I'll gladly rewatch it with him.

We have so much TV on DVD to get through, though. There are at least 5 shows that we need to watch all or part of (or have a season of and need to watch to see if we want to watch more). That's definitely where more of our entertainment budget has been going lately. We both used to buy a lot more movies (especially him), but in the past year or so, most of what we've purchased has been TV. Somehow, it just seems like a better value to get 14 hours of viewing for not much more money than a movie's 2 hours. Also, we love having the excuse of working through a show to spend a quiet night at home. We get so busy that when we do have time to spend 3 or 4 hours in front of the TV, watching a few episodes of whatever show we're working through, we love it.

Not that we don't watch movies, because sometimes that's just what we're in the mood for, but for whatever reason, it's been more about TV lately--but we so rarely watch TV live that it's all about the TV on DVD.

I don't have a desk right now, and I haven't had one while I've lived here, but when we have our own place and I have a desk again, I've found the one I want. I really like the IKEA Mikael desk, either regular or corner, depending on the configuration of the room. Sunday after church, I had lunch at IKEA and spent some time wandering around. Bad idea when I'm packing and putting things in storage. Heh. There are always too many things that I want.

New blog entry up at the other blog. As an artist evaluating your work, whose opinions matter most?

Four more days until I leave. Fortunately, there's not too much left to do around here. I'll have enough to keep me busy for the next couple of days, but I shouldn't be too overwhelmed and stressed out. And then, I have next week off, since I'd planned to start work a week later when we were hoping to take next week as a vacation week. Hopefully I can get together with a few friends and get some errands done--maybe even take care of transferring over my license, the car registration and insurance, and my health care right away. We'll see.

And... it's bedtime.
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