Alida (being_fulfilled) wrote,

Ugh. Packing.

It's amazing how indecisive I become when faced with the fact that I have to decide what I'll need in the next three weeks and pack the rest. Am I going to need those hair products, or can I start packing up my bathroom now? Which jeans will I be in the mood to wear, and what shoes will go with them?

Then, of course, there's the process of deciding what I'll need in the next year and packing it separately from the things I don't need to access before at least next year.

And finally, there's the division of things that I'll need to have access to over the summer and things that I'll need in the fall (or potentially things that I'll need after December but before... whenever it is that I unpack everything else, which is still an unknown date) but can stay packed for the next four months.

Everything that can go in the trailer for the next while is packed in boxes sealed with yellow tape. Everything that needs to go into a house is in boxes sealed with blue tape. The blue tape boxes will be opened in waves, since I won't need them all at the same time, but I do need them all to be accessible.

Sigh. No wonder I'm tired.

But the U-Haul is booked (and I'm still grumbling at the fact that it's 3 times more expensive for a one-way move from here to Calgary than it is from Calgary to here) and I've got 13 packed boxes stacked in the living room, so... I'm on my way? I guess.

Mariah's out of town for the week, and by the time she gets back, she'll come back to an apartment full of boxes. Poor girl.

Side note: This is why I tend to procrastinate packing. Once you start, the house is never clean. There's just no way to tidy up and have the place look nice when there are boxes (and half-packed boxes, and stacks of stuff to go into boxes) everywhere.


I was looking for someplace with free wi-fi that's open 24 hours. None of the Starbucks in the area are, but I'm wondering if Denny's has wi-fi. It's attached to a Best Western; maybe it has hotel wireless, even if the restaurant itself doesn't. It's not that I need it to be working all night, but the Starbucks that close at 11:30 or 12 aren't open quite late enough. Tonight, I ended up at a Starbucks that was open until 11:30 (after getting there at about 9:45), and then came home to keep working here, but sometimes a change of scenery is nice.
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