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After living in the U.S. for a significant part of the last almost-4 years, I go back and forth between Celsius and Fahrenheit fairly easily. I can convert them in my head (rather, I know the equivalents along the way, and I ballpark from there--I don't actually do the math), although I'm fuzzy on the Fahrenheit equivalents of 0 to -40 Celsius, and I'm fuzzy on the Celsius equivalents of 90+ Fahrenheit (gee, I wonder why...). And, like learning a foreign language, I'm getting better at "thinking" in Fahrenheit, but there are still times that I have to convert it to Celsius to translate it into a sense of what the air will feel like on my body.

However, I've realized lately that, no matter who I'm talking to, I talk about Canadian temperatures in Celsius and American temperatures in Fahrenheit.

I realized it most vividly when Esther commented the other day that she wants it to be in the 30s the entire time she's visiting. I did a quick double take and then agreed with her, because, yes, I'd like it to be in the mid-80s the entire time she's visiting. The funniest part is, I have no problem instinctively saying that I would be fully happy for it to never dip below 25 all summer while I'm in Calgary, and would never think of saying that I want it to be in the high 70s for three months.

In my foreign language example, is this the equivalent to dreaming in French?
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